you want to know more about us?

the people?

how we learn about digital?

step in!

the forcers - 

who are the digital explorers?

what drives us

all forcers are curious

we love to explore technological novelties

and we love to work on something, that gets alive rapidly and changes things

what unifies us

we love to work together

collaboration beats confrontation in terms of quality of results

and it is even more fun

and why not having fun by building up great solutions?

the forcer's toys - 

no better way to explore than playing

virtual reality

being impressed how vr enables you to experience the world in new ways


nothing gives digital a more human touch than starting conversations with alexa, siri and friends


experience flying like a bird or deliver things by air - digital mades this available for everybody


bring your real world into digital space. it is amazing to take 360°-pictures or evene vr-videos of you favorite places

all pictures were taken by iphone xs