our identity

a digital agency based in hamburg

we are specialized in creating innovative solutions rapidly 
with our team of qualified digital explorers

our persuasions

we are convinced that digital ≠ IT 

IT brought complex-to-handle systems
 digital must create simple-to-handle solutions

IT delivers tools for today's demand
digital should enable your demands of tomorrow

IT is expensive. digital has to be budget

everything digital needs to have
the capability to go mobile

our believes

you do not want consultants. you want solutions

agile is not a question of know-how. agile is an attitude

digital is speed: test fast - fail fast - learn fast - improve fast. and never give up the race until it is over

digital is the combination of technology, culture and a specific way of management. embedded into a strategy of pace, future-focus and scalability

our promises

if we contract - consider it done

we say what we mean and we mean what we say

our product is not code.
our product is a working solution

easy definition of quality:
we worked appropriate, when you are satisfied

you don't get a "standard" - we use standards
to deliver individual fitting solutions

we are nice people and 
professional workers - at the same time

our approach

we believe in Microsoft Azure for digital solutions

agile or waterfall - two side of the same coin. use what fits best and don't be dogmatic

transparent, available status information  - anytime, anywhere

regular and structured review and planning meetings

enabling you to do (at least basic) maintenance and enhancements on your own after we finished the job