robotic process automation (rpa)

what is rpa?  

rpa aims at automation of business process. therefore it uses tools that allow to govern technology by business logic and structured input.

using rpa you can configure services (or a robot) to capture and interpret applications for processing transactions, to manipulate data, triggering responses or communicating with other digital systems.

you can compare rpa vs. traditional automation with a shovel vs. excavator:
when the task at hand can be handled with a shovel, you don’t need an excavator. and ... it is easier and much much cheaper to buy a shovel than an excavator

how rpa can help you

  • improving workforce productivity and headcount flexibility
  • reducing service costs significantly
  • improving the accuracy of data and its processing speed with reduction in manual errors
  • employees are left with the time and energy to focus on activities around decision making, strategizing, etc.
  • focus on the front office as the back office gets automated
  • ease of documentation of the business processes
  • faster service with bots working at lightning speed