our approach

simple start: 
let‘s do the first step with focus on content. not onto legal & contract

don‘t work hard, but smart:
let‘s identify the processes with the best cost-value-ratio and address them first

be prepared - winter is coming:
let‘s prepare for winning the battle

let us things get done:
fast creation of solutions, test the in reality, fail fast, improve fast and 
earn value in high-speed

paving the way 

rapid digitalization needs to be enabled by a rapid start

start has to be as easy as possible. so no trouble with commercial discussions or procurement until there is a valid basis

beginning with understanding what we want to undertake together

then we need to identify together what these undertakings  will costs and which benefits they bring

then you decide what you want to do with us

then we contract and go through procurement

highest flexibilty for you: contracting on a monthly basis

and then we deliver

first step: workshop

to start: no commercial decisions, no procurement necessary

two forcers and your team

duration: max. 1 day

a structured method to identify processes being candidates for rapid digitalization

for each process the benefits will be estimated by your team in terms of time saved and additional value generated

the costs will be estimated by the forcers

deliverable: a list of potential targets for rapid digitalization with high level business cases - a valid & solid basis for your further decisions

order & costs
if we do not contract afterwards: 
free of charge, no order required.
if we contract afterwards for implementation:
lump sum billing with the 1st invoice for implementation

second step: preparation

you check your actual connectivity to Microsoft Azure

you get connected to Microsoft Azure if needed

we agree on the development approach 
("develop in target" or "develop & migrate")

you grant access to your system and 
equipment if needed

you check legal and compliance constraints 
to the processes identified

third step: creation

we create your solutions in our vault-lab

stay connected: at least (bi-)weekly video-update- conferences about the progress of work

share the user experience and adjust it to your needs with  us

within 1 to 4 weeks we will deliver a working solution, you can roll out immediately to raise added value