our offering

what we do:
easy & simple "automation by digitalization" of processes, tasks & work
based on an integrative approach of robotic process automation (rpa) and low coding

how it takes effect:
we unchain your workforce from administrative, annoying but somehow necessary work

what we experience:
return of investment of approximately 50% within one year
(based on the time and capacity saved by the solution)

what it makes special:
business unit focused (no it or digitalization department required)
simple "pave-the-way-approach" for rapid kick-off
solutions developed and set live within 1 to 4 weeks

our under-standing of your situation  

business units underly the same challenges than companies overall:

  • rising cost pressure
  • rising time pressure
  • rising innovative pressure

ending up:
you have to do more things. you have to do them faster. and you have to do them with less people

our idea

you need to focus your (limited) capacities to those things  developing value

that means you need to unchain them from administrative, annoying but somehow necessary work as good as possible

our offering

we digitalize and automate your processes, your work & tasks that keeps you away from doing your core business