our offering: rapid digitalization

what we do:
easy & simple "automation by digitalization" of processes, tasks & work
based on an integrative approach of robotic process automation (rpa) and low coding

how it takes effect:
we unchain your workforce from administrative, annoying but somehow necessary work

what we experience:
return of investment of approximately 50% within one year
(based on the time and capacity saved by the solution)

what it makes special:
business unit focused (no it or digitalization department required)
simple "pave-the-way-approach" for rapid kick-off
solutions developed and set live within 1 to 4 weeks

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our home base

where digital connects to industry-history 

(self-recorded by our drone-colleague) 

our identity

a digital agency based in hamburg

we are specialized in creating innovative solutions rapidly
with our team of qualified digital explorers

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our concepts

why we believe that rapid digitalization is necessary

and how we do it

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